Rethinking How We Preach for the Digital Age

March 25, 2024 Rodney Cox Podcast
Rethinking How We Preach for the Digital Age
Show Notes

In our digital age, the way people consume content has radically shifted. Yet many churches still deliver monologue-style sermons designed for a reality that no longer exists.

I recently interviewed David Murrow, an online preaching coach, who argues: "Preaching stopped working 20 years ago." As audiences migrated to social media and bite-sized videos, the traditional sermon format has struggled to capture attention.

Murrow's fascinating proposed solution? A "hybrid preaching" model that blends shareable video segments into live services, mirroring how Jesus communicated profound truths through 38-second parables and object lessons.

While acknowledging concerns about online content undermining in-person community, Murrow provides thought-provoking perspectives on adapting the timeless gospel through new mediums and formats, just as the church has done throughout history.

Whether you're a pastor, church leader, or Christian wondering how to most effectively share your faith today, you won't want to miss Murrow's insights.

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Host: Rodney Cox

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