Building Strong Volunteer Teams | Christina & Jim Angelakos

September 04, 2023 Rodney Cox and Steve NeSmith Episode 27 Podcast
Building Strong Volunteer Teams | Christina & Jim Angelakos
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This episode will be invaluable for for pastors and ministry leaders. Rodney Cox interviews two experts on how to build and develop strong volunteer teams.  

Jim and Christina Angelakos are a father-daughter team passionate about leadership and team building. In 2017, they co-founded Volunteer U, an online education platform to help organizations take their volunteer teams from good to great. They are the authors of several books, the newest of which is titled, VOL U 101: INTRODUCTION TO VOLUNTEERING. 

They also hosts the LeadershipU Podcast.

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Host: Rodney Cox

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Jim and Christina detail their professional journey.
Why focus on volunteer teams?
Over-committing our volunteers.
Post-COVID challenges with volunteers.
Building leaders out of volunteers.
The most important key to building stronger volunteer teams.