How Ministry Leaders Can Prioritize Discipleship | Dennis Allen

May 30, 2023 Rodney Cox and Steve NeSmith Episode 20 Podcast
How Ministry Leaders Can Prioritize Discipleship | Dennis Allen
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Rodney's guest on the podcast today is CEO, author and speaker, Dennis Allen.

Dennis is the author of, The Disciple Dilemma: Rethinking and Reforming How The Church Does Discipleship. 

A six-time Chief Executive Officer specializing in “turnarounds” for Wall Street backed corporations, Dennis speaks at universities, churches and conferences, on the topics of leadership and discipleship. Dennis is also a combat-rated Air Force F-15 fighter pilot, and an alumnus of the Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

Dennis makes the case that Christian leaders must restructure their organizations to conform to Christ’s mission of discipleship.

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Host: Rodney Cox

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How Dennis went from the military cockpit to the corporate boardroom.
What attracted Dennis to the topic of discipleship.
Why discipleship depends on strong leadership.
Dennis explains Discipleship 1.0 versus Discipleship 2.0
Dennis' advice to ministry leaders on how to prioritize discipleship.
Why the military wingman strategy can benefit ministry leaders.