Navy SEAL Shares Leadership Lessons | Matt Cumbee

March 06, 2023 Rodney Cox and Steve NeSmith Episode 14 Podcast
Navy SEAL Shares Leadership Lessons | Matt Cumbee
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Our podcast guest is former special operations soldier, Matt Cumbee. For nine years, Matt served in the world’s most elite military fighting unit, the Navy SEALs

At the end of 2022, Matt separated from SEAL life to enter the private sector and agreed to tell us about his experience on a SEAL team and the leadership lessons he learned. 

Host: Rodney Cox

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How Matt Cumbee made the decision to enter the military.
Matt explains what and why SEAL teams exist.
Matt describes the SEAL team training process.
Matt describes what a SEAL team looks like, after training is complete.
What makes a great leader within the SEAL team.
The role of trust on a SEAL team.
Discussion on what a strong leader looks like in the SEALs.