The Best of 2022

December 19, 2022 Rodney Cox and Steve NeSmith Season 1 Episode 9 Podcast
The Best of 2022
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Hosts Rodney Cox and Steve NeSmith review their favorite podcast moments and best guest quotes of 2022. They also preview the 2023 season of the Podcast.

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Ministry Insights

Airdate: Dec 26, 2022

Host: Rodney Cox

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Ministry Advantage president Russ Olmon talks about how the Leading From Your Strengths assessment improved his relationship with his son.
Author and podcaster Jeff Brown gives his secret for reading books more efficiently.
Leadership coach Dan Rockwell discusses the importance of delegation and allowing team members to feel the weight of the task.
The Unstuck Group's Amy Anderson talks about how senior pastors can avoid becoming the 'lid' on their church.
Executive Pastor Steve Smith humorously sums up the role of an executive pastor